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There is a way to escape the crowds. Priority Pass ˇV the world's largest VIP airport lounge access program offers you:

Access to over 600 airport VIP lounges - Lounge access is guaranteed regardless of the class of travel or airline youˇ¦re flying.

Peace and quiet - relax and unwind away from the chaos of cancellations, flight delays and crowded departure halls every time you travel.

Access to full business facilities - most lounges offer phone, fax, email and internet facilities, some even have showers and conference rooms.

Complimentary refreshments and snacks - no need to worry about local currency or queuing for expensive airport food.

Guests are welcome too - bring your guests into all lounges, for business or leisure, and enjoy the relaxing ambience amidst the bustling airports.


Priority Pass is part of Priority Travel Group, a division of the Collinson Group, specialising in the international travel clubs and services sector.

Priority Pass was launched in 1992 with the objective of providing frequent travelers with airport lounge access, irrespective of their class of travel, airline flown or existing membership in an airline loyalty program.

In just 17 years, we have become the world's largest independent airport lounge access program. In 1992 we started with just 55 lounges in only 49 airports. Now, we work with over 600 lounges in 300 cities in over 100 countries in every continent of the world and our network of lounges continues to grow.

Millions of travelers throughout the world carry a Priority Pass card whenever they travel, and every year many more enjoy the benefits that Priority Pass membership brings. We have offices located in Hong Kong, London and Dallas. We employ over 100 people to serve our membership and each office provides a professional, multi-lingual service to members.

  Flight delays, cancellations, crowded departure halls, queues for check-in, and heightened security. You can escape it all.
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